Activate parenting Program

Welcome to “Activating Your Family’s Faith Journey,” a transformative 9-week program designed to empower parents like you to nurture your children’s faith and purpose with confidence and clarity. This program is built on the foundation of biblical wisdom and practical strategies, aiming to strengthen your family’s bond, deepen your understanding of God’s plan, and cultivate an environment where faith thrives.
Program Contents

Program Contents

This program has been developed to empower parents to help their children activate their faith and live out their God-given purpose with confidence and clarity. This program is designed to assist you in guiding your child to discover their true identity in Christ and understand how to listen to God’s voice through the Holy Spirit, using teachings rooted in the wisdom of Scripture. You’ll acquire practical resources to support your child in leading a fulfilling life aligned with God’s purpose for their unique gifts and talents. This program is centered around equipping you to guide your child in making a positive impact in the world, encouraging them to live out their genuine identity and purpose in Christ.

Program Synopsis

1. Weekly Community Meetings: The heart of this journey lies in the weekly meetings where you’ll connect with like-minded parents. These sessions are opportunities to share experiences, learn from one another, and build a supportive community. By gathering together, you’ll realize you’re not alone on this parenting journey.

2. Engaging Meaningful Topics: Each week’s topic is carefully crafted to address specific challenges and opportunities that arise in parenting. From hearing God’s voice to fostering forgiveness, these topics are the cornerstones of faith-based parenting, providing you with tools and insights to navigate the complexities of family life.

3. Activate Family Exercises: The heart of the program extends beyond the weekly meetings. The Activate Family Exercises are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. By engaging in family bible study and prayer time, you’ll create a space where the teachings from the weekly discussions come alive within your home. These exercises will help strengthen your family’s spiritual foundation and create lasting habits.

How It All Comes Together:

As you journey through this program, you’ll be equipped with practical strategies and a deeper understanding of your role as parents. The combination of attending the weekly meetings and participating in the Activate Family Exercises will ignite transformation within your family. By fostering open communication, understanding, and love, you’ll witness a profound change in your family’s dynamics and spiritual growth.

In the end, “Activating Your Family’s Faith Journey” isn’t just a program – it’s an experience that empowers you to activate the unique purpose God has for your family. So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and faith that will impact not only your family but also generations to come.

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