INGITE PURPOSE PRO IS ALL ABOUT BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT! These weekly PRO-TIPS are meant to help Christian leaders get the focus they need to succeed in business and life!

Does your life seem out of control, with growing leadership responsibilities, more demands on your time, and increased pressures at work?

Many times, we are forced to look in the mirror because of the chaos WE may be causing at our own companies.  I know for me, when I was a young business leader, I spent the first 5 years hitting a ceiling that I had created.  I just couldn’t break out and finally, I realized that I was the problem. I was young, with very little management experience and had created a “dictator culture!”  I really didn’t know how to transfer “ownership” to my team!  In fact, I was a better “doer” than “leader!” 

Can YOU relate?

In order to make “OWNERSHIP” a reality in your organization, the culture needs to shift more towards intentionality in ALL communication.  Different questions need to be asked (AND answered). Who owns what and what are the next steps?  With this responsibility also comes a better understanding of personal capacity and a commitment to accountability.  Each communication needs to be coupled with a “call to action.”  Keep asking the same question…Who owns this and what are the next steps?  When you constantly keep the “next step” in mind, you keep things moving and you answer the question, What’s it going to take to get the project complete? 

If YOUR business life seems out of control, it’s probably because you’re taking on too much!  Also, if your business life is out of control, I would bet your personal life is TOO! You shouldn’t have to choose between business, family, faith and a busy schedule. You can have PEACE—where you succeed at work and home, while fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.  It’s YOUR choice!