Good leadership is balanced leadership.  If you’re a great leader at work and a terrible leader at home…Guess what, YOU’RE a TERRIBLE LEADER!  That may sound harsh, but when my kids were smaller, I was a terrible leader too. I did all the corporate training to be a great leader at work, but put little effort into leading at home.  One day, I was convicted to take what I learned at a business seminar HOME.  Yeah, I started developing workshops for my entire family around the same subject matter I learned for my business.  We would have Saturday morning workshops on subjects like team building using Meyers Briggs personality profiles.  Now, my kids (and even my wife) thought I was crazy, but it was the only way I could find balance in my leadership style.  I had to be consistent and apply what I was learning to all areas of my life.  The 4 areas I like to make sure there is balance in is:

    • Business
    • Family 
    • Ministry/Community/Church
    • Finance

Matthew 6:33 talks about the best place to start finding balance by seeking “first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

So, What… for This Week?

The life of Jesus reveals a number practical ways to pursue balance in the Christian life. Everything God expected of Jesus, He mapped for Him. The needs He faced demanded attention. Legitimate needs. Desperate needs. More urgent needs than any of us will ever face. And yet, Jesus walked away from many of them.  How about YOU…Are YOU ready to balance YOUR time and be a great leader?  Men, if you want to grow in your leadership ability and do a better job living a balanced life, while leaving a Godly legacy, consider attending PBC’s Leader’s for Life Men’s Conference THIS Saturday, September 11th, from 7:30AM to 12PM!