For the last several weeks, I’ve talked about the GiANT 4-Square Sales Framework that has really challenged me (from a relational perspective) in all areas of my life.  The “4-Squares” are; Pain, Problems, Goals, & Gaps. Last week, I discussed being willing to park in your pain and those that you influence.  In order to do that, we really need to be sacrificial and willing to be servant leaders.  We talk about this type of leadership, but it’s much harder to live out on a day to day basis.  Since this week is Thanksgiving week, it’s a perfect time to do a self-audit on YOUR willingness to be a servant leader. Are YOU willing to make some adjustments in how YOU lead and influence others?

Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.

So, What… for This Week?

Well, since it’s Thanksgiving week…BE THANKFUL!  Think about how to adjust your relationships to be more like Jesus and less like you, so that you can have the most impact on others for the Kingdom of God.  He’s given you so many gifts, but one of those gifts is the ability to have compassion and listen to those that need to unpack their pain.  Don’t run ahead and try to fix problems that have not yet been vetted.  This does not only apply to others, it actually starts with YOU.  If you’re not healthy, you won’t be able to help others find freedom either!