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Be a Super Hero and Step Out of Comfort

The older we get, the less likely it is for us to want to change, so instead, we stay STUCK in our comfort zones. We do that, mainly, to avoid risk and to feel safe. Safety can sometimes lead to mediocrity.  You may need to think a bit more radically and take some risks.  So, it makes perfect sense that the idea of coming out of the comfort zone feels scary. For many people it is so scary that they never accomplish it.  I don’t care HOW mature of a Christian you are, if you want to grow in Christ, leaving your comfort zones is REALLY important.  It’s fear (not faith) that usually holds us back, but the verse below challenges us to be confident, strong and courageous and NOT to get discouraged.

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Our idol can become COMFORT and when I talk about RADICAL CHANGES people often look at me as if I’m crazy, because change is usually the opposite of “comfort!”  If there is any area in our lives where comfort zones can really have a negative effect on us, it is in our spiritual lives. Interestingly enough, our spiritual lives is the place where other people cannot see and we think no one is affected by our spirituality or lack of spirituality, because it is all an invisible process taking place deep inside our own souls.

Conflict Evokes Growth

Do you really want to grow?  Well, if you do, are you willing to change?  Most people wouldn’t categorize conflict with growth because with past conflict, you may have become bitter, resentful and mean-spirited. Others, on the other hand come out of the pain with great joy, optimism, and a richer faith. Those in both categories have been beaten up, broken and deeply hurt by people and circumstances. The difference maker is how they respond to the conflict they’ve faced. The second group has learned to place their hope in God, not in changing circumstances.  When you realize you’re in the midst of conflict, use it as an opportunity to hold on to Jesus and grow more into the person He’s made you to be.

Peacemaker, NOT People Pleaser

Conflict isn’t meant to bring destruction, but meant to bring growth, so it’s time to also have the perspective as a peacemaker.  Remember though, a peacemaker doesn’t “STUFF,” or define themselves as “people pleasers,” but are people who live out of grace. Inspired by Jesus Christ, we should draw continually on the power of the Holy Spirit, and then live out of His love, mercy, forgiveness, and wisdom to remove anger, improve understanding, promote justice, and model repentance and reconciliation. Our efforts to resolve conflict should be marked by lovingly sharing God’s Truth in order to restore the relationship.

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