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Ignite Purpose is all about activating your faith, so you can live and love like Jesus.  Each week, these practical messages are meant to encourage readers to act on what they’ve watched and read.  Click here to learn more.

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Empowering Your Children’s Identity in Christ

As a family, embark on this faith journey together. Begin by exploring the resources provided by the “Activate Your Family Faith Journey” program. Engage in discussions about identity and purpose, encouraging each family member to reflect on how they can contribute positively to the world. In a world full of distractions and uncertainties, anchoring our families in Christ is essential. The “Activate Parenting” program serves as a guiding light, leading us to discover our identity in Christ, unlocking purpose and potential, and igniting a passion for making a lasting impact on the world.

Lament or Complain?

Take a moment and ask God, “What do I do when I’m in pain?”  You can start asking the Holy Spirit to teach you to lament and not complain. You can find encouragement like King David in the Psalm above!  When David looks to his flesh to answer life’s questions, he ends up more discouraged, but when he looks UP, he finds HOPE!  Where are YOU looking today?  Are you complaining and thinking YOU should have the answers, or are you lamenting with your eyes up?

Honor ALL People

In order to have a more “generative” lifestyle, we need to start honoring others and be an encouragement to all those we influence.  Even though Jesus was “called” to be the Messiah, His identity is LOVE! Everything we believe in is based in LOVE. God loves to love because He is love and loves all. When it comes to the Bible, the word “love” seems to be everywhere! According to the King James Version, LOVE is mentioned 310 times.  If LOVE is so important to God, maybe it’s time for all of us to turn up OUR love meters and start honoring everyone in our lives!

Relationship vs. Religion

Do YOU like it when people say you’re RELIGIOUS?  I know that I DON’T!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with people.  Last week, I asked you to apply the “generative” verses “formulaic” mindset to relationships.  This week, I encourage you to do a deeper dive into your relationship with Jesus.  Are you a good rule follower, or are you really trying to lean in and generate a stronger relationship with God?  Break your old formulas and see what happens!

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