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Ignite Purpose is all about activating your faith, so you can live and love like Jesus.  Each week, these practical messages are meant to encourage readers to act on what they’ve watched and read.  Click here to learn more.

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NOT Having the BIG Picture

God can do anything, but my personal experience, He doesn’t give all the details at once while we are fulfilling our purpose. Instead, He often provides just enough information to help us move forward one step at a time. This helps our faith grow. This does not mean we shouldn’t set goals. Instead, it means we need to trust Him to lead us into the unknown, and that we may need to reevaluate and change our goals as He gives us more information.

Live in Balance & Integrity

As we think about where we are going in this life, we need to remember that God created us with several parts, that are ALL supposed to work in harmony. Like a pie with separate pieces, each part is critical to who you are; and all of these parts must be considered when you set goals.

Write Your Obituary

I spend a lot of time working with corporate clients on their vision, mission, and core values, in order to help them grow a healthy team and take their organizations to higher levels.  We need the same disciplines in our personal lives!  If you don’t have a vision for where God wants you to go, you won’t know what is MOST important to work on TODAY.  The busyness of life takes over and you wake up one day a realize that you missed what was MOST important.

It’s OK to Plan in 2021

Many people think that goal setting is unspiritual, because it shows a lack of trust. People have also told me that it’s not right to plan and that instead, people should wait for God to lead them. Granted, God doesn’t want us to forge ahead in pride without consulting Him for direction, but neither does He want us to sit around without acting!  He’s given us gifts and talents and has also said that we are called to do good works! 

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If you are too busy making “progress” instead of discovering God’s purpose for life. Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you, from healthy relationships and strong families, to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills, and passions!