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Empire vs. Kingdom: Which Are YOU Igniting?

When we talk about “Empire vs. Kingdom,” we’re basically looking at two different ways of living and working.  Imagine this: in the Empire way, it’s all about climbing the ladder, chasing after money and power, and making a name for ourselves. But in the Kingdom way, it’s about something bigger—it’s about aligning our lives with God’s purpose, serving others, and making a positive impact that lasts beyond our own achievements. So, here’s the kicker: Which path are YOU igniting in your life? Are you building your own empire, or are you advancing God’s Kingdom?

Embracing Identity: A Journey of Healing and Surrender

Dive into an inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing with Judy McDonough! In our latest blog post and video, Judy shares her heartfelt story of overcoming feelings of neglect and embracing a newfound sense of worth and purpose in God’s eyes. If you’ve ever struggled with your identity or felt boxed in by external expectations, Judy’s story will resonate with you. Don’t miss out on this empowering message of hope and transformation!

Empowering Your Children’s Creative Identity in Christ

Hey, parents, did you know that God’s creative spark isn’t just for adults? It’s in your children too! As parents, you have a unique opportunity to nurture and encourage their creative identities. Creativity isn’t just about artistic talents; it’s a way of thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to every aspect of life. God has designed your children with unique gifts and interests, and your role is to help them discover and develop those talents. By embracing their creative identity in Christ, you’re not only fostering their personal growth but also helping them understand how their creativity can be a powerful tool to serve others and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

Embracing Your Creative Identity in Christ

Our Creator made us to be creative too, each in our own unique way. It’s not just about painting a masterpiece or composing a symphony, although it could be. It’s about realizing that God has deposited a spark of creativity within you that extends to all aspects of your life. It’s in the way you problem-solve at work, the adventures you tackle, and the way you express your thoughts and emotions. When we try to mimic others, we stifle our creativity, and shut down what God is trying to do in us. But when we embrace our creative identity in Christ, it’s like discovering a hidden treasure. It should excite you to know that by tapping into your God-given creativity, you’ll find peace, fulfillment, and your true purpose.

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