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Ignite Purpose is all about activating your faith, so you can live and love like Jesus.  Each week, these practical messages are meant to encourage readers to act on what they’ve watched and read.  Click here to learn more.

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Striving for What?

I hope you see this back-to-school season as a one of new opportunity to grow.  Will you begin to believe new thoughts, speak new thoughts, act on new thoughts focused on FAITH, and ultimately change things in your life in this new season? You will never succeed with an inferior mindset. You must know who you are in Christ. In fact, the first giant you may need to defeat is you — your mindset, your flesh. Make a decision to become who God says you are. It doesn’t matter what others think or say about you, it’s about how you see yourself. God promised victory and protection for you and your family, but the enemy will not just let it happen; you must fight for the promises God has provided for you and fight with FAITH.

New Season-New Mindset

If you can renew your mind and thoughts toward the things of God, you can change your world. Changing your mindset can change your circumstances because your mind is powerful. It has the power to bring life or to bring destruction, because everything starts with a thought. How you think determines how you live. 

Back to School

What does this new season bring for you?  Are YOU ready to grow and advance to the next stage of your life, or are you stuck in a perpetual free-wheeling summer mode?  God has big plans for your life if you just open the spiritual eyes of your heart and dream again.  Remember how you felt as a child starting a new year in school.  I pray that God brings you everything that is possible and that YOU dream big dreams again.

Regular Communion

This week, practice being with God FIRST–and then be in the world. Through being with Him, He will show you how the current world is going to be so much more–how it will be healed and whole. Will you let Him teach you how to see the way He does, hear the way He hears, love the way He loves? You are equipped to love others because God first loved you. So in the quiet, let Him love you. Then, in the chaotic spaces of this world, stay with Him. Take what you learn from Him in the quiet and bring it to the world. You will practice experiencing the impossible. You will see miracles. You will see Him work.

Get in Touch

If you are too busy making progress” to discover God’s purpose for your life, Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you. From healthier relationships and stronger families to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills and passions, we are with you at every step!