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Ignite Purpose is all about activating your faith, so you can live and love like Jesus.  Each week, these practical messages are meant to encourage readers to act on what they’ve watched and read.  Click here to learn more.

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Only 24-Hours

Look at your weekly calendar and start to get practical. Grab some paper and list the major items. Then sort it by importance (not urgency). What’s most important to you? Most important to God? Now, begin to cut from the bottom, from what’s least important. Go up as far as you can. Cut what you can right now, and commit to phase out what you must, over time.  If you cut out what is less important and focus on what God wants you to focus on, you’ll be able to live, love and lead like Jesus better in the future!

Are YOU Selfishly BUSY?

I want to be released from the curse of busyness.  The fullness of life that Christian faith gives us is more to do with deeper levels of significance in our lives than simply a larger range of activities. So, learn to appreciate the benefits of taking some extra time to slow down to take time to reflect.  If Jesus needed to withdrew from the crowds and pray in solitary places then so do we.

Turn 180 Degrees

In order to recognize my constant temptation to stay comfortable, and selfish, while taking pride in my gifts, I have to stop and turn around.  Yes, God is looking right over your shoulder, and if you choose to simply turn around 180 degrees, He is standing right behind you waiting for you to fully trust Him instead of your selfish desires (and even natural strengths).  This is the active definition of repentance, so, turn (repent) 180 degrees as many times as it takes today to turn away from sin.  Yeah, like me, you may get a little dizzy, but it will allow you to stop taking control of areas God does NOT want YOU to control!

After the Miracle

If you think YOU are in control, think again.  If you feel out of control, it’s because you are. If you find yourself walking around worn out and frustrated, there’s a chance it’s because you are trying to control everything or everyone around you. Control is the enemy of rest. When things feel out of control, our tendency is to hold tighter, grip harder, or work more. But Jesus explains that the opposite is true. He wants us to come to Him, with open hands and hearts and surrender to Him. He will meet where we are, and show us how to live, love and lead like He does as He becomes our ultimate rest. 

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