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Unlocking the Power of Prayer: Tuning Into God’s Voice

Men, embrace the revelation that God wants to speak to you personally. Begin by setting aside time for prayer and Scripture reading. As you read, let the Holy Spirit guide you to specific verses or accounts that resonate with your heart. Write down these insights in a prayer journal. Allow the Spirit to lead you to other passages, connecting the pieces of God’s message uniquely tailored to you. Remember, God speaks to each of us differently, so be open to the ways He may reveal Himself to you. As you diligently seek His voice, your faith journey will become a profound dialogue with God.

Generative vs. Formulaic

When you look at your relationships, are you handling them more generative, or formulaic?  Many times, we have a set way of communicating with those closest to us.  We can put and then keep those relationships in a BOX and never have the courage to allow them to grow.  Ask better questions this week.  Try to generate stronger communication that will lead to stronger relationships with Jesus and others this week!  Assess your formulas for life and get rid of them to generate more and more interest in Jesus!

Eliminate YOUR Idols

Are you making health, or your looks an idol?  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with staying healthy and even going to the gym, when it’s done in moderation, putting God first. When it becomes an idol like it has for me, you need to choose to make a change, before you have NO choice.  This is just another example of something that can be really GOOD, but when it becomes an IDOL, it becomes a sin. God wants you to trust Him first.  He will guide you on what you need for your body.  Remember, everything you own is His…Even your body!

Do The Right Thing

How are you programed to think about future challenges?  Are you going to keep doing things the same way and expect different results?  We all know what that leads to (INSANITY). Start leaning into the Holy Spirit each and every day. Remember, the Holy Spirit is not just some ethereal cloud hovering around, but the THIRD person of the Trinity.  Yes, start thinking of the Holy Spirit as a person that will walk with you and guide you out of your set patterns and help you make new patterns that will take you on a new adventure toward a hope-filled tomorrow!

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