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Ignite Purpose is all about activating your faith, so you can live and love like Jesus.  Each week, these practical messages are meant to encourage readers to act on what they’ve watched and read.  Click here to learn more.

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Your Strongholds

Once you understand what your strongholds are, you need to willing to make some drastic changes to break them.  Oh, and remember Ephesians 1:19-20,“God’s power is very great for us who believe. That power is the same as the great strength God used to raise Christ from the dead and put him at his right side in the heavenly world.” Ask for help. Get drastic. Try a fresh approach. Who knows, you may be a prayer away from a breakthrough.

Experience Freedom

Start putting aside some time today–even setting a timer for 5 minutes is a great place to start–and asking God what is blocking you from experiencing freedom in your life.  Then repent and confess the areas of you life where you are not experiencing freedom. Search your heart, and journal about those places where you are living enslaved instead of living free.  Ask God to forgive you for trying to be “enough” on your own and then surrender every area of your heart where you’ve tried to be self-sufficient.

God’s Love

While God loves us with abundant love, He does not force us into experiencing it or even acknowledging it. You see, even though Holy Spirit lives in us from the moment we first accept Christ in our hearts, we only experience the freedom He offers to the extent that we surrender, receive God’s love, and trust Him completely.  Are you doing that?

Negativity Fast

If you stay stuck doing what you are doing, and maintain a negative lifestyle, eventually, “life tumbles” and “breaks!” Usually, we are negative because we haven’t really trusted God, and accepted our identity as His chosen children.  After all, what do we really have to be negative about?  Jesus did everything for us by dying on the Cross.  If we live fully surrendered lives to Christ, we have nothing to complain about!

Get in Touch

If you are too busy making “progress” instead of discovering God’s purpose for life. Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you, from healthy relationships and strong families, to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills, and passions!