Catalyst Assessment

Catalyst Assessment

Catalyst Assessment

The Catalyst Assessment is the first step in your transformative journey with John Mizerak’s Catalyst Coaching. This comprehensive and personalized assessment will analyze your unique learning style, personality traits, goals, and obstacles. By completing a detailed questionnaire, you’ll receive a thorough report and customized growth plan that highlights your strengths and challenges, providing a clear path forward. The Catalyst Assessment ensures that your coaching experience is tailored to your specific needs, setting the stage for profound personal and professional transformation. Begin your journey today and unlock your full potential.


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Learning Style

How do you prefer to learn new information? (Select all that apply)(Required)
Which of the following activities do you enjoy the most?(Required)
Personality Style: How would you describe your personality? (Choose one)(Required)
Social Preferences: Do you feel energized by spending time with others or by spending time alone? (Choose One)(Required)
Social Engagement: Do you prefer attending social gatherings or having quiet, one-on-one conversations? (Choose One)(Required)
Information Processing: Do you focus more on details and facts or on patterns and possibilities? (Choose One)(Required)
Perspective: Do you rely more on practical experience or on innovative ideas? (Choose One)(Required)
Decision Making: When making decisions, do you prioritize logic and consistency or personal values and the impact on others? (Choose One)(Required)
Conflict Resolution: In conflicts, do you aim to resolve issues with objective analysis or with empathy and understanding? (Choose One)(Required)
Lifestyle Preferences: Do you prefer having a planned and organized schedule or a flexible and spontaneous approach? (Choose One)(Required)

Goals & Obstacles

Goal Setting: Do you feel more comfortable working towards defined goals or exploring opportunities as they arise? (Choose One)(Required)

Readiness and Preferences for Change

How ready do you feel to make changes in your life right now?(Required)
Please enter a number from 1 to 10.
Do you prefer to start with small, manageable steps or are you comfortable with making bigger, more significant changes right away?(Required)
How much time per day/week are you willing to commit to activities that will help you kick start your transformation?(Required)
Which type of activities do you find most engaging and enjoyable? (Select all that apply)(Required)
What kind of support would you find most helpful as you start your journey? (Select all that apply)(Required)
Which area of your life would you like to focus on first for a quick win?(Required)

Self-Beliefs, Obstacles and Lies

Past Experiences/Challenges

Identifying Your Team: A Crucial Part of the Catalyst Assessment

As part of the Catalyst Assessment, it's essential to identify the key people who will support you on your transformative journey. Surrounding yourself with at least one teammate, preferably your spouse but not necessarily, can significantly enhance your progress and accountability. Having a trusted partner to share your journey with can provide encouragement, different perspectives, and the support needed to achieve your goals.
Is there one person you consider your primary support partner? If so, who is it? (Choose One)(Required)

Additional Information

Future Phases Preparation

Get in Touch

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