This week, we hope to gain inspiration and motivation from the incredible journey of our friends, Charlie Grefenstette, and her husband Joe. As fellow parents, they embarked on the Activate program, where they delved into transformative conversations about changing the way they speak to their children, particularly addressing the early seeds of self-condemnation. Charlie highlights the pivotal role parents play in shaping their children’s self-perception. Even at a young age, kids absorb notions of inadequacy, comparison, and unworthiness. Charlie and Joe are intentional about redirecting this narrative, emphasizing the importance of letting God fill the void. They are creating patterns of interaction that involve seeking God’s guidance rather than relying on external opinions.  This verse from Proverbs underscores the significance of early patterns. By introducing children to a relationship with God and encouraging them to seek His guidance, parents lay a foundation for a positive self-image and a resilient faith.

Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.

So, What… for This Week?

Here’s a practical challenge for parents this week:

  • Prayerful Conversations: Dedicate time each day to engage in prayerful conversations with your children. Encourage them to express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns to God.
  • Teaching Scripture: Introduce age-appropriate scriptures that emphasize God’s love, acceptance, and guidance. Discuss these verses as a family and apply them to everyday situations.
  • Problem-Solving with Prayer: When conflicts arise among siblings or peers, guide your children in resolving issues through prayer. Help them seek God’s perspective on forgiveness, empathy, and understanding.
  • Consistency is Key: Repetition is crucial in creating patterns. Consistently model and reinforce God-centered communication. Over time, this will become the default for your children.
  • Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge and celebrate moments when your children choose God-centered responses. Positive reinforcement will reinforce these patterns.

Remember, the goal is to create a home environment where children naturally turn to God in times of joy, struggle, and decision-making. By instilling these patterns early, you equip them with a solid foundation for a Christ-centered life. Let’s follow Charlie’s example and nurture homes where God’s love is the guiding force, enabling our children to rest in the depth and reach of His love. It’s not just about what we say to them but about cultivating a space where they experience the peace that comes from relying on God’s unwavering love and acceptance.