Today, we are joined again with Joanna Sanders to kick off the month of February and talk about something we often shy away from – brokenness. Brokenness isn’t a comfortable topic, but it’s a journey many of us go through in life. It’s essential to understand that we all experience it differently, and there’s no judgment in how it looks for each of us. Brokenness, in a spiritual sense, is often described as God breaking us down to rebuild us in His image. Just like a potter molds clay into a beautiful vessel, God shapes us through our trials and tribulations. If you’re feeling broken right now, remember that God is at work in your life.

Here are three practical steps to embrace brokenness:

  1. Surrender Your Broken Pieces: Just as Joanna shared, she was broken in many areas of her life. Surrendering to God’s plan and acknowledging your need for His restoration is the first step. Let go of your stubbornness and pride. God desires to restore and heal you.
  2. Embrace the Light: In your brokenness, God shines His light into the darkest corners of your heart. Embrace this light and allow it to reveal the areas that need transformation. Don’t shy away from the truth; God’s light brings healing.
  3. Accept His Rebuilding: God doesn’t leave us broken. He rebuilds us stronger and wiser. Joanna’s story illustrates this beautifully. She thought her brokenness was the end, but it was the beginning of God’s incredible work in her life. Trust that God is building something beautiful out of your broken pieces.

Brokenness is not the end of your story. It’s a chapter in your journey towards becoming the person God designed you to be. Embrace it, learn from it, and trust that God is with you every step of the way.

Jeremiah 30:17 (ESV)

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord.

So, What… for This Week?

    • Reflect: Take time to reflect on the areas of brokenness in your life. Write them down and surrender them to God in prayer.
    • Pray for Healing: Pray for God’s healing and restoration in those broken areas. Ask for His wisdom and guidance as you navigate this season of your life.
    • Share Your Story: Just as Joanna shared her testimony, consider sharing your journey of brokenness with a trusted friend or within your faith community. Your story might inspire and encourage others.

    Remember, brokenness is a part of our transformation journey. Trust that God is at work in your life, and He will bring healing and restoration. Stay strong in your faith, and may you find hope in the midst of brokenness.

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