Empire vs. Kingdom...

Which are YOU Igniting?

In a world driven by the pursuit of individual success and material gain, it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of empire building—where titles, career advancements, and personal achievements reign supreme. However, as followers of Christ, we’re called to a higher purpose, one that transcends the boundaries of self-interest and encompasses a vision for Kingdom Building.

Program Contents

Program Contents

Session #1: Defining success & keeping score

In this session, we’ll explore the fundamental question: How Do You Define Success and Keep Score? We’ll begin by examining the contrasting currencies of Empire Building and Kingdom Building, considering the motivations and mentalities that drive each approach.

Session #2: Identity and Purpose

“Identity and Purpose,” where we’ll delve into the significance of understanding our true identity in Christ and discerning God’s purpose for our lives in the professional sphere.


Session #3: Gifts of the Spirit and Serving Others

“Gifts of the Spirit and Serving Others,” where we’ll explore the importance of recognizing and utilizing spiritual gifts in the workplace, as well as the significance of serving others with humility and compassion.

Session #4: Decision-Making and Obedience

“Decision-Making and Obedience,” where we’ll explore the importance of seeking God’s guidance in decision-making and the challenges of obedience in the professional sphere.

Session #5: Time Management & Prioritization

“Time Management and Prioritization,” where we’ll explore practical strategies for managing time effectively and prioritizing tasks in alignment with God’s purposes.

Session #6: Putting God First

“Putting God First,” where we’ll explore the importance of prioritizing God in our lives and placing Him above all other pursuits, including our professional ambitions.

Session #7: Kingdom Impact vs. Self-Interest

“Kingdom Impact vs. Self-Interest,” where we’ll explore the contrast between seeking personal gain and advancing God’s Kingdom in our professional spheres. We’ll discuss the importance of prioritizing Kingdom impact over self-interest and the benefits of fostering a collaborative, mission-driven workplace culture.

Session #8:  Overcoming Isolation & Self-Protection

“Overcoming Isolation and Self-Protection,” where we’ll explore the dangers of isolation and self-protection in the workplace. We’ll discuss the importance of fostering connection and community, as well as embracing vulnerability and authenticity in leadership.

Session #9: Sustaining Kingdom Principles

“Sustaining Kingdom Principles,” where we’ll explore the challenges of maintaining Kingdom values and principles in the face of adversity and opposition. We’ll discuss the importance of perseverance and commitment to God’s Kingdom purposes, even when it’s difficult.

Bonus Session #10: Share & Brainstorm

Share key takeaways from the entire study. Brainstorm ways in which the group can continue to support and encourage one another in applying what they’ve learned. 

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