Fired-Up Fatherhood Program

Most Dad’s are so busy trying to get ahead, but STILL feeling empty. That’s why Ignite Purpose exists…To help MEN discover God’s purpose to live, love and lead like Jesus. AND that starts with your family! 
Do YOU want to be a Fired up father?
It’s time to learn how to model your life and leadership around Jesus Christ. It’s also time to look at your priorities and make some radical decisions to refocus on the things that have eternal impact!
Program Contents

Program Contents

Session #1: modeling

ARE YOU READY TO BE A GREAT DAD?  The words of Paul in Ephesians 6 remind Christian fathers that our parenting has a great end towards which we must aim. God gave us the task to be a model for Jesus Christ to our family. 

Session #2: Keep Growing in Christ

A man can only be an effective father as he continues to grow spiritually. Our fatherhood will be impacted by our sin and lack of maturity. This means that fathers must spend time in our Bibles, in prayer, and actively seeking to walk in obedience by the power of God’s Spirit.  

Session #3: Love Your Wives

We can so center our lives on the wrong priorities, that we neglect our marriages, and a neglected marriage will become an unhappy marriage.  God is NUMBER ONE and your wife should be NUMBER TWO!

Session #4: Repentance

Dad’s need to learn the meaning of the word REPENT!  Very few actually understand what the word means. In the Greek, the word simply means to turn around. It was a military term that described a soldier marching in one direction and then doing an about-face.


We need the power of God’s Spirit. We need His help to stay encouraged, to love, to exercise self-control, and to make our parenting efforts effective, because we cannot change the hearts of our children. 

Session #6: Discipline patiently

Consistently disciplining our children can be exhausting work. We can easily give in to the temptation to let things go we should address or to “parent” by simply barking orders, and neither of these is an acceptable option. Instead, we must patiently and consistency discipline our children. 

Session #7: Teach Consistently

The wise father will see all of life as an opportunity to teach his children about walking with Jesus, and practical wisdom. Accepting the responsibility of teaching the Bible in your home will equip your kids to live by it when they are grown. 

Session #8:  SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP – Bible Study Planning

It’s time to be THE spiritual leader of YOUR home!  Think of yourself as a trusted spiritual guide on a journey with your family. The Bible is your GPS, showing you the route to take and the hazards to avoid along the way. 

Session #9: Wrap Up and Next Steps

It’s time to wrap up and implement the “next step” plan.  It’s time to discuss what is MORE important to you now, how have your beliefs shifted, how will you interact with your family and God differently and what are the radical changes you need and how will you execute these changes?

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