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Break the Busy Cycle

Don’t think Jesus can’t sympathize with your busyness. You have bills that need to be paid? Jesus had lepers who wanted to be healed. You have kids screaming for you? Jesus had demons calling Him by name. You have stress in your life? Jesus taught large crowds all over Judea and Galilee with people constantly trying to touch Him, trick Him, and kill Him. He had every reason to be run over by a hundred expectations and a thousand great opportunities, and yet, He stayed on mission. Jesus knew His priorities and stuck with them. Isn’t this astounding? Think about it: Jesus wasn’t just turning down an opportunity to play in another sports league, He had to say NO to people who had diseases that He could have healed instantly. The disciples didn’t understand why He wasn’t attending to the urgent needs right in front of Him, but Jesus understood His mission. In our current culture, we, instead, normalize and even praise our common addiction to busyness. We expect successful people to be busy, so we present a persona of busyness in order to be perceived as   successful.

Be a Great Dad & Husband


Jesus wants to ignite your heart with His love and let that flame be the catalyst to impact your family!  Ignite Purpose inspires you to know that you are loved, which allows you to abandon the false you – the one you hope others see. It forces you to look deeper and understand that God adores YOU and loves who He sees.  Once you accept that Truth and start living the life focused on God’s love, your light will ignite your wife and your kids for Christ.  This will change your home and the world as you ignite God’s flame!

Win at Home and Work


We already know that the best guidebook for leadership is the Bible.  Are YOU actually using it to run your home and your business?  The Ignite Purpose coaching team has first-hand experience in meeting the challenges of running a business while staying focused on Biblical principles and balancing all of life’s leadership roles. We use the Ignite Purpose process to help improve business operations and evoke strategies that align business goals with Biblical principles and God’s purpose for you AND your team, while also creating better work/life balance.

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