As Ignite Purpose evolves, I give thanks to God for His goodness in providing inspiration and direction, as well as for your prayers and financial support. This past year, God has continued to open my eyes and ignite my heart to help churches and Christ-centered non-profits lead better, communicate better and ultimately serve many more people through my structured approach.  Because you’ve been with me — in person and in prayer — I want to share a few milestones of this year’s journey:

  • LIFE FOUNDATION STUDIES for Purcellville Baptist Church. Through my ongoing work with leadership and organizational development, I’m helping PBC engage small groups during our “pandemic-new-normal.”  I adapted my Ignite Purpose programs and, in collaboration with PBC, we created 12 nine-week studies and 8 four-week mini studies. These evangelistic tools help people connect into a Christ-centered community, learning to live His teachings on salvation, communion, baptism, forgiveness and much more.
  • COMMUNITY & SPIRITUAL RENEWAL with the GENESIS 12:2 Foundation. With Jesus Christ at the foundation, this public charity channels God’s financial blessings to help heal the practical and spiritual poverty of life. With a pilot program in Oklahoma, I helped create partnerships between for-profit “funding engines,” community leaders and local ministries. Together, we are creating a catalyst — using leadership development, operational improvement, training and resources to transform communities with Biblical Truth.
  • CERTIFICATION as a GiANT Catalyst. I have recently been certified as a GiANT Leadership Coach. This coaching certification gives me access to scores of Biblically-based leadership tools and resources and a platform to liberate others with God’s Truth. GiANT is affiliated with John Maxwell, as they acquired Maximum Impact and INJOY to impact leaders all over the world with resources, training programs and conferences.

So here I am—with so many blessings and so much gratitude for where I’ve been and all I’ve learned. Where does Ignite Purpose go next?  My 2022 goal is to engage more churches and non-profits, to offer Ignite Purpose Growth Plans that include Leadership and Operational Development, as well as training more coaches to deliver GiANT Leadership Development programs.

Please consider praying and financially supporting this 2022 goal, and referring me to churches and non-profits that may need help. Your continued support will allow me to use my gifts to turn leadership and organizational development processes into powerful tools, in which God’s Truth will be shared to a dying world.

Please accept my genuine gratitude for your support, which allows me to help people live, love and lead like Jesus. If you have any questions at all, let me know.

Blessings and Merry Christmas,

John A. Mizerak – Executive Director, Ignite Purpose