Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for His kindness, His protection, and His many blessings in our lives. Typically, this begins with thanking Him for our loved ones; our families, friends and provision. Because our loved ones are our paramount blessing, we at Ignite Purpose are driven to help individuals, marriages, and families thrive in their God-given purpose. We help people break free from limiting beliefs, discover their true identity in Jesus, and ignite an intentional, faith-rooted life. Ignite Purpose is all about faith, growth, and purpose. It’s a community where individuals, families, and organizations are guided to experience genuine transformation through their relationship with Christ.

This year alone we have had opportunity to…

  • Equip couples to strengthen their faith and marriage bonds.
  • Empower parents to align their family with Christian values.
  • Guide individuals to lead more faith- rooted, purpose-driven lives.

The bottom line is that your help means so much more than equipping a ministry…You are actually igniting lives!
We have witnessed tremendous growth in people this year and hope to make even more of an impact in the coming year. Moving into 2024, John will become a licensed minister and we will focus on marriage and parenting coaching as a couple. Your support is the vehicle that makes it all happen. With your help, we can ignite purposeful transformation in more lives, and the ripple effect of your support is immeasurable.

How to Contribute:

  • Send a check.
  • Visit our donation page.
  • Share our campaign with your friends and family.
  • Keep us in your prayers.

Together, we can continue the journey of igniting purposeful transformation in Christ. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, gratitude, and the warmth of knowing that your kindness has a profound impact on others.

With heartfelt thanks,

John and Victoria Mizerak, Ignite Purpose Ministry