Home Plate

“Why?” One simple word, just three letters, yet a question that digs into deep and profound purpose. The game of baseball is one of the more intricate sports, yet with enough “why?” questions the purpose of the game can be discovered and simplified to one element of the game; the home plate. Every play begins at home plate, the entire field is designed around home plate.

  • What element stands at the very center of life?
  • At what element would enough “why?” questions arrive?
Program Contents

Program Contents

Session #1: God’s Home Plate
  • What is “Home Plate” and WHY is it important? 

    If you were to ask enough “whys,” where would you end up in regard to the game of life?

Session #2: The Opponent’s Home Plate
  • A baseball coach will tell you, “Don’t let them in your head. Just play how you know to play.”  We need to have the same defense against Satan!

Session #3: The Culture’s Home Plate
  • “Do what feels good.” “Does it bring you joy?” “Do what makes you happy.” “It’s my opinion.” These are common thoughts in today’s culture and sadly, even among believers, this idea can run deep in a society built around personal freedom.

Session #4: Errors and strike outs
  • You’ve probably heard the word, “Repent,” and this word is foundational to our actions and direction, but is, sadly, not always well understood.  To repent is to turn FROM your sin, and turn TO God.

Session #5: Hitting a “single”
  • “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  The “first base” of Christianity will come with knowing God better.

Session #6: Hitting a “double”
  • It’s time to “walk the walk” and don’t just talk the talk, because talk is cheap. Knowing God should evoke action. To understand that we were created to bring glory to God is important. It is not simply enough to know, but we are called to DO!

Session #7: Hitting a “TRIPLE”
  • Within Christianity we must avoid spiritual gluttony. If we continue to take in knowledge without maturing in our spiritual skills and maturing towards love, we accomplish very little for God.

Session #8: Hitting a “Grand slam”
  • In baseball a “grand slam” is the best possible hit. A grand slam is not just a good hit, not just a home run, but a home run that brings 3 teammates across the home plate with you. A grand slam is a team effort. Before we can bring others to the faith, we must be started in the right place to begin.

Session #9: Finish the game well
  • We want to finish the game well and do an “inventory” of your life. Life change will not happen within a classroom, but when what is learned in a classroom is applied throughout life.  Play hard and play to WIN!

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