INGITE PURPOSE PRO IS ALL ABOUT BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT!  These weekly PRO-TIPS are meant to help Christian leaders get the focus they need to succeed in business and life, AND one of the first areas to refocus on is your organizational structure.


When working with organizations both big and small, I find that most don’t do regular organizational check ups. In fact, most are too busy getting the work done to pull up and actually do strategy work on their businesses.  We all know that we, as business people, need to take time to work ON our business and NOT always IN our business!

If YOUR business is consuming you and making your life feel out of balance, some organizational shifts are probably necessary.

Take a minute to assess yourself with and click here for the Ignite Purpose Organizational Check-Up.  Each week, we will give your free resources to implement new strategies to be able to focus on what’s MOST important in YOUR life!  If you find you’re too overwhelmed to do it on your own…Call me, I’d love to help!  YOU TOO CAN LOVE, LIVE AND LEAD LIKE JESUS AT WORK AND HOME and have PEACE—where you succeed at work and home, while fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.