Ignite the holy spirit program

The goal of this program is to develop a better understanding and acceptance of the fullness of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit is active and alive today and was sent to give us the power to live a fulfilled life in Jesus Christ TODAY!

    Program Contents

    Program Contents

    Session #1: Intro and Integrity of God’s Word

    God and His Word are ONE!

    Session #2: Our Christian Identity (in Christ)

    Our divine communication with God and our way to God.

    Session #3: The Pentecostal Experience and Examples

    This experience is for ALL of us!

    Session #4: God’s Desire for an Open Heaven Over the Earth

    Where ever the house of God was, the Presence was there also.  There is a new doorway between heaven and earth!

    Session #5: Thy Kingdom Come

    Description of Church living in a Kingdom Culture.  The normal, everyday life style of the Christian.

    Session #6:  Created to Live in TWO Worlds

    God intended for us to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

    Session #7: How the Kingdom of Heaven Comes to Earth

    Discuss examples of Kingdom Culture and the seen and unseen worlds.  God’s Word is filled with substance and power.

    Session #8: Faith – The Bridge Between Heaven & Earth

    Discuss the gifts of the spirit and faith in action. 

    Session #9: Gifts of the Spirit & Fruits of the Spirit

    Tongues and interpretation of tongues, words of knowledge and words of wisdom.

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