It’s one of the last examples of God’s visual masterpieces to a dying world.  Your marriage is a symbol of God’s plan and it’s important to understand the magnitude of that plan and live it out to the fullest for YOUR family and a watching world. So, are YOU ready to do what IGNITE YOUR PROMISE? Learn how to overcome the temptations of this world that will tear YOUR family apart and start loving each other unconditionally!  Together we can become known in our culture as the keepers and protectors of the marriage promise.

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    Program Contents

    Program Contents

    Session #1: Introduction

    Why are we doing this study? Structure of classes. Overview and goals. Using the Bible as our life-manual. Review questions.

    Session #2: God’s covenant

    Just like our passion for our spouse started with a marriage covenant, our passion for God starts with a covenant relationship and is meant to grow as we get to know Him better.

    Session #3: The New covenant

    The new covenant gives us a bold access to God that wasn’t available in the old covenant. The covenant with Israel has passed away, and now the promise is fulfilled through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Session #4: Covenant and Identity in Christ

    When we accept Christ into our hearts, the person we were before dies, and we are reborn as a “new creation.” We lose our old identity and receive our new one. We no longer identify with the world and all its lies. We identify with Christ, and we become set apart.

    Session #5: Identity in Christ and the Holy Spirit

    The standard God has set for husbands and wives is high, but you do not have to do this alone, the Holy Spirit will help you.

    Session #6: Run Away from Egypt

    It’s time to RUN from Egypt and look back at YOUR LIFE and decide what past hurts might keep you from finding the freedom you need to step into YOUR Promised Land.

    Session #7: take back YOUR life

    Busyness is of the enemy and he wants to rob you of peace and make you think it’s OK to love a life of stress.  That stress doesn’t end with YOU either, for it gets translated into every relationship you have, including GOD!

    Session #8: Your Personal & Family Values

    Taking the time to figure out your family values is a transformative experience. As a couple and as parents, one of our biggest jobs is to help our family develop their own God-given internal compass – a framework to help them make decisions when we aren’t around.


    It’s time to share your Family Mission Statement and then discuss how your marriage is different now, and what you will do in the future to grow in your covenant relationship with each other AND God!

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