Today, let’s dive into a transformative practice that can revolutionize your prayer life – Listening Prayer.  Traditional prayer often involves sharing our thoughts with God. Listening Prayer takes it a step further. It’s about creating a sacred space to silence our minds, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our prayers, and inviting God to speak directly to us.  So it’s time to clear your mind and seek God’s peace, present your question or concern to God and listen, without injecting your thoughts.

John 10:27

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

So, What… for This Week?

It’s time to take action, so the next time you pray with a partner, try Listening Prayer. Let go of your thoughts and listen for God’s voice. Experience His guidance and deepen your connection. Listening Prayer is an ancient practice with the power to deepen your relationship with God. Embrace this transformative journey, and let His voice guide you.

Download this Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer Partner Listening Prayer