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How do you like meetings?

I would guess that 25% (or more) of meeting time could be eliminated by having “ownership intentionality.”  Instead of rehashing tasks and projects that should have had ownership weeks (or even months) before, you can focus on NEW business while keeping the old task moving ahead.  I see this disconnect play out in most organization’s meetings.  The leader of the meeting will mention something that needs to be accomplished and no one in the room grabs that task and takes ownership of it.  The meeting ends.  The leader assumes ownership was taken and in fact, nothing gets done and the same subject is addressed in a future meeting, sadly with similar results.  The team gets thrust into a never ending circle of frustration that is all started with a simple lack of ownership exchange!  I challenge meeting leaders to have something tangible in their hands during the meeting (like a water bottle perhaps) and when an idea is brought up, that water bottle is handed to whomever has taken ownership of that task of project.   

If YOUR business life seems out of control, it’s probably because you’re taking on too much!  Also, if your business life is out of control, I would bet your personal life is TOO! You shouldn’t have to choose between business, family, faith and a busy schedule. You can have PEACE—where you succeed at work and home, while fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.  It’s YOUR choice!  We’d love to help!