parenting with a purpose Program

This 9-session parenting program helps empower parents to raise their children on solid, Biblical truth.  Just as God has a special plan for each parent, He also has made one for each child and made him or her unique. This program teaches parents how to serve as models, following the footsteps of Christ and encouraging their children to cultivate their hearts for God and live out their unique calling.

Program Contents

Program Contents

Session #1: start with why

As children grow, they are often taught to conform to rules and boundaries, and not to question for fear of displeasing others or being mocked. Without even realizing it, parents often curb their curiosity and critical thinking, in place teaching them conformity and acceptance of what they believe is right.

Session #2: Love your spouse

As married couples, we are called to love our spouse. We can so center our homes on our children that we neglect our marriages, and a neglected marriage will become an unhappy marriage.


Session #3: conflict resolution

Your relationship is more important than any issue. When working toward a solution, consider Philippians 2:4-5: “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” Seek solutions that keep everyone’s best interests in mind.

Session #4: Respect Authority

As Christian parents, everything we do, even if we think it’s in secret, sends a message to our children and to nonbelievers including this one: Disrespect any of our leaders, visibly, and you teach your children disrespect.

Session #5: Obedience & Repentance

Parents need to learn the true meaning of OBEDIENCE and the word REPENT!  Very few actually understand how to model these words like Jesus.

Session #6: Discipline patiently

Consistently disciplining our children can be exhausting work. We can easily give in to the temptation to let things go we should address or to “parent” by simply barking orders, and neither of these is an acceptable option. Instead, we must patiently and consistency discipline our children. 

Session #7: Punishment vs. Correction

Don’t give in to the temptation of barking orders and reacting to the drama in your home, but learn to be a better coach!  Remember punishing is “to impose a penalty on for a fault, offense, or violation,” but correcting is “ to make or set right!”

Session #8:  SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP – Bible Study Planning

It’s time to be THE spiritual leader of YOUR home!  Think of yourself as a trusted spiritual guide on a journey with your family. The Bible is your GPS, showing you the route to take and the hazards to avoid along the way. 

Session #9: Wrap Up and Next Steps

It’s time to wrap up and implement the “next step” plan.  It’s time to discuss what is MORE important to you now, how have your beliefs shifted, how will you interact with your family and God differently and what are the radical changes you need and how will you execute these changes?

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Empower Parenting. Transform Generations


Imagine raising children who are not just psychologically resilient, but deeply rooted in their faith and purpose. Together, we’ll explore how to guard our children’s hearts, model forgiveness and healing, and empower them to live transformed lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your family’s future and embark on a journey of growth, discipleship, and God-centered parenting!

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