Last week, I talked about the GiANT 4-Square Sales Framework that has really challenged me (from a relational perspective) in all areas of my life, from business to ministry to personal relationships.  The “4-Squares” are; Pain, Problems, Goals, & Gaps.  Even though this is a “sales tool,” it’s really a relationship building tool.  If we can learn to be open to really hear people’s pain and the problems that stem from that pain, we have a better potential to really help them.  The challenge for me is actually sitting with someone’s pain for as long as it takes for them to start seeing the problems that pain may cause, as well as the solutions (goals) that they may make for themselves to fill the gaps that are cause by the pain and problems.  Instead, I want to focus on the “quick fix” for all these issues, mainly so I don’t get stuck in the “pain mode” with those I work with (and am in relationship with).  Sounds pretty selfish, huh?  Not the best “servant-oriented” mindset!

Proverbs 18:2 (NIV)

Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions.

So, What… for This Week?

Before coming up with a “quick-fix” for YOUR problems, or for anyone else that you influence, make sure to spend the time in the pain mode to have full understanding as to what God is trying to work out.  God uses our trials as great learning tools and if we speed up the process (as I often do), we will miss the opportunity to have full deliverance from the situation!