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Life is too short…

to miss what’s most important!

Most of us are too busy trying to get aheadbut STILL feeling empty, instead of discovering God’s purpose for life.

Want to ignite a new life where God’s purpose is realized and fulfilled?

Tim’s Story

Tim Wilt shares his story and his experiences with Ignite Purpose and how the programs made the message of the Bible practical in every day life from marriage, parenting and even business leadership.

Hi, I’m John Mizerak

I get where you are coming from.  My life was OUT OF CONTROL for the first 20 years of my career as the president of my own company. I didn’t know how to keep up with my responsibilities at work, be present at home and stay focused on God’s purpose for my life. However, after making some hard personal changes to my leadership and organizational structure, I was able to better lead my company, work a 40 hour week and most important, becoming a better spiritual leader at home as well!

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If you are too busy making progress” to discover God’s purpose for your life, Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you. From healthier relationships and stronger families to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills and passions, we are with you at every step!