God's Purpose for Marriage

Pre-Marriage Program

Ignite Purpose’s 9-session pre-marriage program uses the same “power, purpose, planning” values process to offer engaged couples an opportunity to put God first in their upcoming marriage and then live out a life driven by God’s purpose for marriage, parenting and deep family relationships.  Our ministry leaders will facilitate conversations about the essential topics to guarantee that you and your spouse start and maintain your marriage with a passionate relationship with God and each other.

Program Contents

Program Contents

preliminary profiles

In order to get a head start on our time together, we’d like you guys to complete the following profiles and read the output.

Session #1: Know your spouse

This is a great exercise to get to know each other’s natural strengths and weaknesses. Study each other so you know it well and then start encouraging each other in that strength zone, while better understanding each other’s weaknesses!

Session #2: Love your spouse

After loving God and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are called to love our spouse. We can so center on our priorities that we neglect our marriages, and a neglected marriage will become an unhappy marriage!

Session #3: Conflict REsolution

After learning more about each other, it’s time to reevaluate conflict and how you will resolve it moving forward. Learn how to use conflict as a growing tool for ALL relationships.

Session #4: Time for radical change

Change is Hard;  Transformational Change is Impossible… Without God.  The ability to change… RADICALLY… exists; and God’s offers us a free will choice in the matter.

Session #5: financial planning

Having a good sense of money management skills is an effective way to reduce stress, so as we evaluate our financial situation, God should be in the center of the equation.  Remember, God is the provider, so embrace Matthew 6:31 in your money management. 

Session #6: marriage roles & expectations

God has an expected order for Godly marriages and often we don’t discuss our roles and expectations with one another.  This session will focus on what God expects from husbands and wives and how to best communicate your expectations.

Session #7: Traits of Effective Parenting

Raising kid’s God’s way is a challenge in today’s culture, but if you focus on Biblical Truth, it will train you to fill your children’s hearts and minds with God’s truth and bring wisdom into your homes.

Session #8:  Create your family values

Taking the time to figure out your family values is a transformative experience.  As a couple, one of our biggest jobs is to help our family develop their own God-given internal compass – a framework to help them make decisions when we aren’t around.

Session #9: Wrap Up and Next Steps

It’s time to wrap up and implement the “next step” plan.  It’s time to discuss what is MORE important to you now, how have your beliefs shifted, how will you interact with your family and God differently and what are the radical changes you need and how will you execute these changes.

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If you are too busy making progress” to discover God’s purpose for your life, Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you. From healthier relationships and stronger families to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills and passions, we are with you at every step!