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Most business owners understand the concept of SMART Goals.  Just in case you don’t, standard SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. While this model is well known, it lacks the faith-based component. Here’s a faith-based SMART Goal process that allows you to put the focus back on God.


Once you get a better understanding of who you personally serve, it’s time to better understand the needs of your customers and even your team. We just need to take more time to define the audience we want to serve and be more strategic about serving them with excellence.  We also need to focus on serving our team with the same amount of energy.  Corporate teams that feel loved and served, in turn, serve our clients with a higher level of commitment.  This all sounds so obvious I know, but still, I see SO many organizations that don’t take the time to do this.  A lot of assumptions are made and we miss the opportunities to meet those we influence where they are. 


Consistency between WHY, WHAT and HOW is crucial to build an authentic brand and culture.  Everything needs to work together in harmony.
In order to create harmony between WHY, WHAT and HOW, you need:
Clarity of WHY
Consistency of WHAT
Discipline of HOW
The HOWs are simply the values and principles that guide your actions and decisions on a day-to-day basis.


Most leaders start with WHAT instead of WHY.  It’s just easier to talk about what we do instead of why we do it, but that probably isn’t a motivating factor for you, your team or you clients!  When we put things in order, our WHAT brings our WHY to life.  In fact, once we best understand our WHY, our WHAT becomes our mission statement.  It is critically important that WHAT we produce is consistent with WHY and HOW we do it.  I’ll talk more about those HOW’s next week, but they are the actions and decisions you take to support the WHY and the WHAT. 

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