Programs to help leaders focus on God’s purpose... have an eternal impact on those they influence!

We exist to impact leaders by igniting purpose to live, love and lead like Jesus!


AS EASY AS 1, 2,3!

The Ignite Purpose programs are easy to lead!  All you need is to invite 2-6 people and ask them to join you on the adventure to live out God’s purpose for your lives.  Once you assemble your group, pick a time that works for everyone and schedule the 9-weekly sessions online or in person.  During a session you will spend a little time getting to know each other, watch an online teaching video and then engage around the provided questions in the workbook.  If you can watch a YouTube video and read a workbook, YOU’RE QUALIFIED TO LEAD!  God has BIG plans for your life. Do you believe that? 


Personal growth

You’re Good Enough

The goal of this program is to ignite your passion to grow into a deeper and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.   As your relationship grows with Christ, it will flow over into ALL areas of life, giving you the power to step into all God has planned for our you—living a life of victory, completely surrendered to Jesus Christ and leaving a legacy to those you influence.

Igniting God’s Purpose

The goal of this program is to encourage better understanding of your gifts and how to exercise them. Through this program you will begin to see how to fulfill Gods purpose for your life and be a good steward of the gifts and responsibilities He has entrusted to you. 


god’s purpose for marriage

Ignite Purpose’s 9-session marriage programs use the same “power, purpose, planning” values process to offer couples an opportunity to put God first in their upcoming or current marriage and then live out a life driven by God’s purpose for marriage, parenting and deep family relationships.  Our ministry leaders will facilitate conversations about the essential topics to guarantee that you and your spouse start and maintain your marriage with a passionate relationship with God and each other.

ignite your promise

DID YOU KNOW MARRIAGE IS A COVENANT RELATIONSHIP? It’s one of the last examples of God’s visual masterpieces to a dying world.  Your marriage is a symbol of God’s plan and it’s important to understand the magnitude of that plan and live it out to the fullest for YOUR family and a watching world. So, are YOU ready to IGNITE YOUR PROMISE? Learn how to overcome the temptations of this world that will tear YOUR family apart and start loving each other unconditionally!  Together we can become known in our culture as the keepers and protectors of the marriage promise. Be part of this movement!


Fired Up FatherHOOD


Most Dad’s are so busy trying to get ahead, but STILL feeling empty.  That’s why Ignite Purpose exists…To help MEN discover God’s purpose to live, love and lead like Jesus.  We all have passion for something, but sometimes that passion is pointed in the wrong direction.  It’s time to learn how to model your life and leadership around Jesus Christ.  It’s also time to look at your priorities and make some radical decisions to refocus on the things that have eternal impact!

Parenting with a purpose

Ignite Purpose exist to help leaders discover God’s purpose to live, love and lead like Jesus, and there is NO place to better live out this purpose than as Godly parents.  Our 9-session parenting program helps empower parents to raise their children on solid, Biblical truth.  Just as God has a special plan for each parent, He also has made one for each child and made him or her unique. This program teaches parents how to serve as models, following the footsteps of Christ and encouraging their children to cultivate their hearts for God and live out their unique calling.



Welcome to “Empire vs. Kingdom: Which are YOU Igniting?”

This nine-week Bible Study series is designed to ignite a deeper understanding of the stark contrast between Empire Building and Kingdom Building within the context of business and professional life. We’ll explore the foundational principles of both Empire Building and Kingdom Building, examining their distinct currencies, mentalities, and motivations. We’ll delve into topics such as defining success, understanding our true identity in Christ, discerning God’s purpose for our lives, and navigating the complexities of decision-making and obedience in the professional sphere.

Christian Business coaching


Helping Christian leaders get the focus they need to succeed in business and life!

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Monthly Business Seminar:

“Managing Time or Living in Chaos?”

Our world bursts with activity! Opportunities and expectations are everywhere. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pace of life? Have you ever felt like a slave to your daily grind? Do you sometimes feel that your busy schedule is controlling you?  In short—is your life simply too busy for God? For your family? Maybe you have thought, “When things slow down, I will finally be able to…”? Guess what?…Things WON’T slow down unless you reprioritize your life.  This seminar will give you tools to evaluate your life, and to look for areas in which you can cut back on unnecessary obligations that pull you away from God and a balanced life of purpose and fulfillment.

Christian 4-Session Business Kick-Start Program:  

Reviewing your:

• Vision, Mission, Core Values and Target Audience

Ignite Purpose’s 4session business kick start program reviews your vision, mission, core values and target audience to make sure you and your team are pulling in the same direction. We also assess your business from a Biblical standard, help you engage a God-given purpose and collaborate on a new and rewarding plan that encourages you to make the practical adjustments to maintain your uniquely created business culture in a balanced and relational way.

Christian Business Groups: 

“Living Out God’s Purpose for Your Business in Community”

Ignite Purpose’s monthly business groups (of 6) use the “power, purpose, plan” value process to create and maintain a community of believing business professionals that will encourage each other to make Biblically-driven decisions that will maintain a passionate, engaged, balanced and meaningful life. Participating in Ignite Purpose’s monthly business group is a fantastic way to make timely progress on your goals. These interactive sessions will strengthen your commitment to thinking strategically, while establishing clear priorities and practical applications that you can execute each month.  Group participants also receive a monthly 1-on-1 coaching session to discuss specific business initiatives. 

Christian Business Coaching:  

The Ignite Purpose coaching team has first-hand experience in meeting the challenges of running a business while staying focused on Biblical principles. We use the Ignite Purpose process to help improve business operations and evoke strategies that align business goals with Biblical principles and God’s purpose for you AND your team.  We’ve developed tactical modules that can be customized and applied effectively for any team:

        • Biblical Leadership Coaching
        • Biblical Management Training
        • Financial/Stewardship Check-Ups

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If you are too busy making progress” to discover God’s purpose for your life, Ignite Purpose can help you experience what God has planned for you. From healthier relationships and stronger families to invigorating, meaningful work that taps into your skills and passions, we are with you at every step!