…Is it time to hit the reset button and focus on strategies you can be living out in order to fulfill your God-given purpose?

2022 Men’s Retreat

Our speakers

Let Pastor Mike Dean and Pastor Steve Dawson help you to get unstuck, alongside some like-minded guys, and start a new flame of purpose at this year’s weekend event at:

Potomac Park Retreat in Falling Waters, West Virginia!

Pastor Mike Dean

Pastor Mike Dean is a Biblical Counselor with 30+ years of experience leading people to freedom in their emotional and spiritual lives using Biblical principles and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Mike is a true man of God who cares deeply for those he helps.

Pastor Steve Dawson

Pastor Steve Dawson spent 20 years in the financial services brokerage business and 15 years as a Senior Pastor in two congregations before forming Keystone Christian Ministries in 2002. He has since served as a full-time marketplace chaplain to over 60 businesses and organizations.

Our schedule

October 7th-8th, 2022

Friday, October 7th – 8:00AM-3:00PM
(Offsite) Steel Sharpens Steel Events:

Golf Tourney OR Shooting Competition

Friday, October 7th – 4:00PM

Guest room check-in at Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center

Friday, October 7th – 4:30PM
Praise and Worship

Bo Cook will lead an acoustic praise and worship set before dinner

Friday, October 7th – 5:00PM
Welcome & Retreat Vision

Pastors Mike and Steve will share a short message about the weekend’s retreat and why we are here

Friday, October 7th – 5:30PM
Dinner Served

The Potomac Park Retreat staff will serve a great dinner

Friday, October 7th – 6:30PM
Connect Time

Small group connect time to discuss upcoming retreat

Friday, October 7th – 7PM

Hang around the fire pit, do other recreational events and get connected

Saturday, October 8th – 7AM

The Potomac Park Retreat staff will serve a hearty breakfast to kick off the day

Saturday, October 8th – 7:40AM
Praise and Worship

Bo Cook will lead an acoustic praise and worship set after breakfast

Saturday, October 8th – 8AM
Understanding Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Mike Dean kicks off our morning with the definition of spiritual warfare and the importance of fighting the battle for our family

Saturday, October 8th – 8:45AM
Biblical Leadership in ALL Facets of Life

Pastor Steve Dawson will teach us about Biblical leadership in every area of our lives

Saturday, October 8th – 9:30AM
AM Small Group Session

 To unpack the first two teachings with your group

Saturday, October 8th – 10:15AM
Living a Repentant Life

Pastor Mike talks of the utmost importance of living a life of repentance minute-by-minute

Saturday, October 8th – 11AM
AM Small Group Session

 To discuss what repentance means to you and the areas of your life that need adjustments

Saturday, October 8th – 11:30AM

The Potomac Park Retreat staff will serve our last meal of the retreat for lunch

Saturday, October 8th – 12:15PM
Tools for Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Mike will get practical and give us the tools we need to fight the spiritual battle that rages around us

Saturday, October 8th – 12:45PM
Living & Leaving a Legacy of Purpose

Pastor Steve will teach us the importance of living an intentional life to fulfill God’s purpose and leave a Godly legacy for generations to come

Saturday, October 8th – 1:15PM
Afternoon Small Group Session

 To discuss the last two afternoon sessions and making some goals to hold each other accountable to as we wrap up the retreat

Saturday, October 8th – 1:45PM
Panel Discussion

Now it’s time to ask Pastor Mike and Steve some focused questions that came up in your small group discussions

Saturday, October 8th – 2:30PM
Personal Testimonies

This is the time for guys to share their personal testimonies about what they learned and what they plan to do differently with the new information they gained

Saturday, October 8th – 3:15PM
Prayer & Annointing

We will wrap up with a time of prayer and annointing.  Pastor Mike and Steve will pray over and with guys for the Holy Spirit to solidify what God did in and through this retreat

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