I hope you’ve actually done a “self-fast” over the last few weeks and also checked your PRIORITIES and what you are “chasing,” because once you begin to evaluate how much you put yourself first, then you can begin to move out of this comfort zone and embrace where LIFE BEGINS! The effects that this can have on your relationships will be amazing. People respond to selflessness and will, in most cases, respond by being less selfish too. When we see someone being generous to us, it makes us want to be generous back. All sin is actually selfishness; all sin is choosing to give into something that you want, that you feel serves you in that moment. Striving to live in our comfort zone is a completely natural tendency, which we all have rooted in us, but, we are called to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, to live our lives as He lived His, by overcoming sin. We are not meant to be “trapped” by our human tendencies and comforts, with no way out. Following in Jesus’ footsteps is only attainable if we decide to give up living for ourselves and live completely for God’s will in our life instead of our own.

Luke 9:24

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.

So, What… for This Week?

In the simple verse above, Jesus says that if we long to follow Him, we need to take up our own cross (death to our own sinful desires in all situations) daily. Not once or twice, not sometimes, not when I feel it is “my turn,” but all of the time. This is the way He lived His life each day, and this is also how we are meant to live our lives. When we give up our life for God – our own opinions, desires, the sinful tendencies in our flesh – we get the most rewarding, happy, and fulfilling life possible here on earth.  What SIN do YOU need to give up to get all of that?