Last week, I talked about asking God the right questions! God does want to talk to you, but oftentimes, we don’t give Him time to talk!  We treat God like a vending machine, thinking that we can present a request and get what we want.  Instead, we need to learn to ask God different questions.  Instead of WHY, start asking WHAT and HOW.  Start asking God what He wants you to KNOW.  Stay parked in a mode of listening prayer and continue to ask God what He is trying to teach you each day and in each circumstance.  Once you start to open your mind to hear God, then it’s time to ask a second question…What does God want you to DO with what He has showed you?  HOW does He want you to act?

Job 33:14 (ESV)

For God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it.

So, What… for This Week?

Does God speak to US? I used to think NOT, but then I realized that I wasn’t listening.  He wants to speak if you’ll make the time to slow down and open your ears.  Instead of asking God for what YOU WANT, try to start asking, WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW? Journal what you think that is and then start asking the second question…What does He want you to do next?  Listen to these great podcasts by Jamie Winship for practical stories as to how this works!